SEQ specialise in supplying, building and installing Retaining Walls for residential, commercial and civil projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

QLD: - Brisbane and surrounding suburbs including Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

NSW: - Sydney and surrounding suburbs including Woolongong  and Newcastle.

Besser / Link block (masonry) retaining walls are great when load bearing as load structure can be tied into wall while erecting the wall. On completion there is minimal land lost and comes in various colours and finishes. Smooth, rock face, etc…

There is no loss of land when fencing is required for boundaries, tennis courts, pools etc. Besser Block retaining is great for lower retaining walls but can get expensive when higher walls are required (2 + metres high). This is due to large footings that would be required.

Benefits of block retaining walls:

  • Provide a great variety of finishes
  • Give formal gardens an exceptional look and finish
  • Great option for rock based foundations and tight access

For more information about Block Retaining Walls and how we can help you extend your usable land contact us today for advice and a free quote

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